Help Around the Home


Help Around the Home will help you utilize untapped living space in the basement of your homes to create the perfect guest bedroom, game room, bar/entertainment room, and much more. Help Around the Home canget the job done right for you.

We understand that it’s important to:

CONSIDER THE FEATURES: With traditional additions, you need to budget for excavation, foundation work, exterior walls, etc. However, tapping into the basement allows you to save money on that space – money that can be used on upgrades such as updated lighting fixtures, faucets, and other details.

ALWAYS KEEP RESALE IN MIND: When remodeling any part of your home, it’s always important to think of how the addition will affect the resale of your home. According to research done by Remodeling Magazine in the “2005 Cost vs. Value Reports,” only a few of the most popular home improvements generate a 100 percent return on the investment. However, a basement remodel averages over 90 percent of a return on the investment – definitely something to consider when thinking of adding more living space.

DON’T FORGET THE SMALL THINGS: It’s important to remember the small details such as lighting, ventilation, and safety. Do you need to add windows to give the space natural light and increase air flow? Windows also provide an exit in case of an emergency.

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL TO COMPLETE YOUR PROJECT: Are you concerned about poor quality workmanship, unprofessionalism, unnecessary project delays, costly oversights, and more? Hire Licensed and Bonded Professionals who guarantee their work.

Call Help Around the Home, the professional home repair and improvement specialists, for more information on our professional basement improvement and remodeling services!